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President Speech

Honorable old and new clients and friends:

      MT company was founded in March 2001. Within the space of just fifteen years, it has rapidly become into a Hi-tech technical Enterprise aimed at the research, production and sales of optics, photoelectric instrument and the relevant software and an up-and-coming youngster in photoelectric trades. The great success we have achieved so far depends on your sincere support, help and trust! On behalf of the company, I wish to extend to you our heartfelt respect and gratitude!

      In line with “Human resources and drawing on the best of each staff” principle, our company has already established the proper mechanism of cultivating talented persons and has a talented person troop. At present our company purchased land to set up company’s base for our research production in the Information Industries Garden of Guilin. After this, the company’s growth will be accelerated.

      In retrospect, we fully realize the achievement we have made relies on hard work. Look ahead the future, we will have full confidence in own prospects. Bearing the management concept in mind “Do specially, Do fine, Do strongly”, we will walk towards the fixed development goal and meet fruitful future with old and new clients together.


President: Wei Feng